Even though I’m no longer on strict bed rest, I still am activity restricted. This means I can’t go food shopping… which means someone in our house has to do it and it ain’t the kids. πŸ™‚

So, since I can SIT and do things, I figured I can start cooking again. I have a high raised chair in the kitchen and as long as I sit while I cook… I think that should be fine. We don’t really have a lot of food in the fridge so I made a list of things I needed to make dishes in the pressure cooker. I thought that would be the easiest method. I’m going to try to make risottto, chicken in wine sauce, mac and cheese, baby back ribs and potato leek soup. That’s not for one meal – that’s for the next week. But I might as well have Bill get all my supplies in one shot.

I was writing the list and trying to split it up by section … all the while KNOWING this is going to be a test for Bill. I can’t feel bad about it – or at least I shouldn’t feel bad about it. But if I’m being honest I do.

When the kids were in school, he walked in the bedroom and I said, “I made a list for you” and he said, “yeah, I know… I saw it” and started to grin. It’s such a simple task for a woman – I could give this to any one of my friends and they wouldn’t bat an eyelash. But for Bill.. this will probably be the hardest new role he has to take on. And I completely understand that!!

He’s going to go tomorrow because his mother is coming today with food. I asked her to cook us a meal once a week to make it a little easier on us. So, I’m excited to see what she brings. She really is a great cook.

I’ll keep you posted on how he does. πŸ™‚

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