I’m getting big folks. And OF COURSE that’s a great thing!! But I never really focus much on maternity clothing while pregnant because I spend so much time in bed. I pretty much need clothes to go to the doctor’s office. Third trimester – different story. Bed rest usually gets lifted around 35 weeks. And then I go shopping because I gain an average of 45 pounds per child.

Yeah I said it – 45 pounds. Whatever – it is what it is.

Anyway, since I’m “activity restricted” Bill and I went to a diner for lunch yesterday. I recently bought this shirt from TJMAXX and snagged that clutch from Target. Haven’t wore either yet – so I threw them on. The shirt was a little …. snug… but it worked!

Do you stretch your normal wardrobe while pregnant? Or do you go all out and buy everything you need new?

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