I do this about once a quarter in an attempt to keep my inbox from exploding. I’m in a different boat than most. Smaller companies just… subscribe me without my permission to get their information. And I have 4 websites – so believe me I get it all!!! I NEVER wake up with less than 150 new messages. Ever. This isn’t a joke – that is for real.

So, 90% of the time I just check all the emails I don’t have the time to read and delete. It’s like a bandaid -not a real fix. Well, today and tomorrow I am taking the time to opt out and I suggest you do the same.

It stinks. It’s annoying. It’s tedious. But it’s also necessary and you will thank me later.

So, the next time you see an email in your inbox that you don’t want – unsubscribe. Not from my newsletter of course! LOL – from all the others. 🙂

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