My husband and I were recently talking about how wonderful all our friends have been during this hard time. EVERYONE is doing something – whether it be coming over to keep me company, bringing along some home cooked treats, leaving gift baskets filled with goodies on my doorstep or planning play dates for my kids so they can get out of the house.

My town has been WONDERFUL. I really do have a great set of friends. Truly.

Well, yesterday, one of Bill’s friends came over because they were going out to eat lunch. He walked in with… this. A pink bell. A very loud pink bell. He told me I should use it every time I needed Bill’s services.

I just about hit the floor that’s how hard I was laughing. COME ON! This is perfect.

My husband… wasn’t too thrilled to say the least. The kids and I used it a few times to tease him. He’s trying to be a good sport – but this is crossing the line. And I love it! hahahahah


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