Two pretty profound things happened to me today . I love receiving wake up calls from the universe. Keeps me grounded. 😉  I’ll wrapped them both into one:

I was watching a show called “Love Handles: Couple in Crisis”. It’s a weight loss reality show based around a couple trying to get healthy. The woman on the show – in addition to having weight issues – was also having fertility issues. She was really in a dark place and something she said resonated with me.

She was talking about how all her friends were on their second or third child and admitted how sad she was that she couldn’t start a family of her own. She said she was sick and tired of hearing all her friends complain about swollen ankles, restless nights and cranky babies.

Then the woman started to WEEP and began to BEG for those swollen ankles. I was … besides myself. Gasping for air – hysterically crying. We all get so caught up in the negative. SO WHAT I’m on bed rest. SO WHAT my children come home from school and are out of control, protest homework and give me a hard time when they are in a mood.

I am SO BLESSED to have those cranky kids with all that homework. I am so BLESSED to be able to carry a child – no matter how difficult it might be.

Stop looking at your sink full of dishes with dispair. Be THANKFUL that you have enough money and people in your life to fill the sink with those plates.

We are all so centered around our own s*** that we forget how lucky we are to be knee deep in it.

So, the next time you feel overwhelmed because your children are driving you insane… be thankful instead. These days are fleeting. Soon they will leave us and we will be wishing for these years.


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