I’m always about talking to professionals when it comes to hair and makeup. After all, who would know better?? Over the weekend, I got my hair cut, colored, and blown out. The woman did such an amazing job with my locks. I wish I took a picture!!

She was also very informative. She walked me through instructions on how I can achieve the same look at home. Seriously step by step. I’m going to do a video because what I am doing now is all wrong. My current technique actually flattens the top of my hair and this new way adds lots of body. I’m so excited!

Anyway – I use a HUGE round brush when I blow dry my hair and she suggested I get a little smaller so I can easily work with my new layers.

Everyone is different. The next time you head to the salon – talk to your stylist about which brush will work best for your hair. Then make the purchase! You won’t be disappointed.

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