These are actually from a week ago or so. I don’t know why I didn’t share them earlier!! Isn’t it amazing? You can see his profile and those lips so clearly. Every time they show me my son, I love him a little more.

I see him once a week which is a positive that results from the chaos.

He’s kicking a lot too. And my belly is sort of doing that alien thing where you can see it move. I feel like it’s a little early for all of that – but it’s happening!

AND we finally settled on a name. It’s official. Bill has to just pick the middle name. Once that’s done, we can check that “to-do” off our list.

Up next – getting the nursery / bedrooms ready. We bought Liam a new bed and it’s coming towards the end of November. We have to swap the kids around so Liam gets the bigger room since he is going to share with his new brother.

Natalie is going into the smaller bedroom which I feel terrible about. BUT she will thank me later when she is a teenager and has privacy. 🙂

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