I don’t live in a red zone in NY. You know – those areas that have been required to evacuate in preparation for Hurricane Sandy. I was talking to Bill last night and asked him what the probability was that the water would hit us. We are in the MIDDLE of Long Island mind you. He told me that it would have to be a tsunami for the water to come this far in.

That made me feel a bit safer.

And then he said…. “But all the leaves that are falling from the trees will most likely clog all the drains. So, there’s a chance we will get some flooding regardless.”

Great. I woke up this morning and took a peek outside my front door. My street is COVERED with leaves. Front step to front step. One of the most beautiful things about my town is the fact that it is lined with 100 year old oak trees. And it’s Fall. And this is a problem.

So, we are waiting for the storm and we are now waiting for the flooding.

Both kids woke up so happy to see the lights were still on. We rented the ‘Avengers’ and plan on watching it right after breakfast. I’m trying to get as many posts up as I can right now before I lose power.

It might be a few days… or it might be a few hours. It’s the guessing game at this point.

Good luck to everyone who is struggling through Hurricane Sandy!!

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