The night before Hurricane SANDY hit Long Island, the children were very busy. They decided to build a fort so that we can all be protected from the rain and the wind. Thought that was funny.

Then the big day arrived – the kids kept busy all morning.


Natalie had a tea party with her friends.


Bill made risotto in the pressure cooker (pics on that coming up) and then whipped up some sprinkle cupcakes with the kids. They were really excited.


Then the power went out. One of my neighbors had a tree fall on their house. We took them in immediately and the night became an instant play date for the children. I have to admit – this was a SCORE. It kept everyone occupied. Not that I wish that disaster on anyone. You have no idea how much money it’s going to cost to fix their house. But if they had to go anywhere – I’m glad they came here.


It was getting cold – so we lit our first seasonal fire. I was excited to hear the crackling. Mind you – there was a lot of noises that night. Transformers popping and exploding, tree branches falling, winds WHIPPING. Good times.


It got a little crazy around 8PM. We started to get very afraid. My town is FILLED with 100 year oak trees. THEY WERE ALL FALLING DOWN. So, we took everyone and headed to the basement. The men set up several air mattresses and we put the kids to sleep.


Bill snapped a pic of me sleeping. LOL


Morning came and we were all ok. Thank goodness. I was just waiting for a tree to fall – especially since a few went down on my block the day before. But we were ok! No real damage.


My street had SO MANY TREES FALL. I think a tornado came through. I swear. That’s the rumor at least. This is to the left of my house.


And this is to the right. We got closed in. A few houses down a man and his wife had THREE – count them THREE – trees fall on their house. Another friend’s family had their house explode because a tree fell on their power box. Fires. Trees falling on front doors locking people in. I can go on and on. I think a few hundred trees hit the floor due to Hurricane Sandy.

My town most certainly got beat up. Obviously no power or heat at this point. We are taking it one day at a time. I’m thankful it wasn’t worse.




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