The kids got dressed up SUPER early on Halloween. They’ve been waiting for this day ALL YEAR LONG. We didn’t have the heart to tell them they couldn’t trick or treat. So, instead, we rolled with the punches.

Pretty much everywhere you go… there is a tree down in my neighborhood. So, you can’t go anywhere… safely at least.

Instead they went to Starbucks with Bill.

And about 20 other people. The lines were INSANE. I couldn’t believe the pictures when Bill showed me. I thought maybe the stores on our main street would give out treats to kids in their costumes – but they were SO BUSY because no one has power. Lines out the door everywhere you went.

I doubled up my order. LOL

I had a lot of friends that didn’t want to take their kids outside. One offered to host a Halloween party in the house. We decided to have each mom sit in a different room and let the kids Trick or Treat around the house.

I went because I didn’t want to be left alone with the generator. I was afraid. I know I shouldn’t have left – but there was NO WAY I was going to be home alone with that thing without Bill. So, my friend gave me a recliner and I was horizontal for the entire party. Everyone took care of me and my kids got to enjoy Halloween. I was so very happy.

We got rid of all our Halloween candy and the kids had a BLAST. It was such a great idea!! We ordered in pizza and salad and the kids made their own ice cream sundaes. A perfect Halloween if you ask me. 🙂


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