I love this! It works for bowling alleys – why not hotels? Westin Hotel patrons no longer have to lug around their sneakers and gym gear while on the road. Most business travelers try to keep their packing to a minimum to avoid baggage fees. This is almost impossible if you have to bring along workout clothing.

Well, now you don’t have to!

For $5 – basically a cup of coffee these days – you can rent shoes, shorts and shirts from New Balance. The package includes everything from capri pants to jogging bras for women. Oh and you get to keep a pair of New Balance socks that retail for $6 in stores. AMAZING!

Since March 2012, the New Balance lending program has been initiated in all 118 Westin North American properties.

Very exciting!

But here’s the real question – would you take part in this Westin / New Balance program? My guess is that people will work out more if it’s convenient.

Besides, would you rather spend $25 to check a bag – or $5 to rent a pair of sanitized sneakers?

Original story found on NY Times.

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