I am so excited!! For the last five years, I told my husband I wanted to go on a cruise for my 35th birthday. But of course – that’s impossible while on strict bed rest.

He lucked out – let me tell you. Otherwise, I would be writing this post from the Caribbean.  LOL!

PS – we share the SAME birthday. So, it’s also Bill’s birthday today. He’s one year older. Our anniversary is also next week. So, we usually wrap it all together into one big gift.

Anyway, a few days ago, I made my daughter walk around and repeat “Louis Vuitton Wallet” over and over again as a joke. Even made a video about it. I guess he heard us loud and clear!


I’ve been wanting one of these wallets for years. So, it was a REALLY nice “pick me up” during this trying time.

It’s still really early – but I predict that bacon is in my foreseeable future as well.

What did I get Bill you ask? I got him the iPhone 5. It hasn’t arrived yet – we are waiting. But his Droid died (for the second time) and we knew we had to move over to Apple.

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