This weekend, my best friend Audrey and her family came down and spent a few days with me and Bill. I obviously couldn’t go out and celebrate at a restaurant (or CRUISE – which is what I’ve been telling Bill he had to buy me for my 35th birthday for the last 5 years lol). Instead, we all sort of lounged around on the couch and in my bed while the children played for 3 days straight.

Seriously, I don’t think we saw those kids for the entire time.

Anyway, Audrey and I got some work done. You have no idea what we are going to do now. Just when I start to get comfortable with my load… this girl and her husband always like to rock my world. BIG things people. BIG THINGS.

I did sit on the couch because I couldn’t imagine Audrey wanting to lay in bed with me for three days. So, I split it up. Totally horizontal. Just a different room.

Within an hour of them arriving, the lights went out AGAIN. Can you believe it? The kids thought it was a party. We went with it. Luckily, it only lasted for an hour.

On Saturday, my official birthday started off right with some bacon and Starbucks. Mmmmmnnn bacon.

And then Matt and Bill did something MAJOR. They swapped out my kids’ rooms and painted them! I mean – this is a big deal .TOOK ALMOST 10 hours all in. They had to break down all the furniture, take off some wallpaper I had in Natalie’s room, paint 2 coats and then rearrange.I don’t know HOW Bill would have done this alone. He is a procrastinator by nature. I’m not sure it would have happened in time for our nursery delivery. Furniture is coming in 2 weeks. THIS WAS HUGE. I can’t thank Matt enough – seriously. Talk about a real friend.

I’ve been patiently waiting for the Shake Shack to open up on Long Island for MONTHS. They’ve been building that restaurant for ages. Well, on November 10th – it did!! I made Bill go and get my birthday cheeseburger. It was oh so good. I’m going to be in big trouble when I get off of bed rest. How will I ever lose this baby weight with the Shake Shack down the road? Oy vey!

Then we asked Audrey and Matt to be the godparents to this little boy I’m carrying. I’ve been wanting to ask her for MONTHS but wanted to do it in person. I was so looking forward to this trip because I knew I could FINALLY get those two in the same room. We are honored that they said yes. 🙂

Sunday morning it all wrapped up with some bagels. Audrey and Matt hit the road around 1pm. What a great birthday weekend!!


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