I’ve accumulated several gift cards from friends and family throughout the year. All those holidays and celebrations really add up. Once I get a new card, I place it in a Ziploc bag FILLED with a ton more and store them all in the kitchen.

Well, now that I have ALL the TIME in the WORLD because I’m on bed rest.… I thought it was time to start getting through that bag.

I feel so productive!

HOWEVER – I don’t know why I did all of this now when Black Friday is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. What a mistake! LOL. Isn’t that always the way? I’ve had most of these cards since last Christmas – and now I decide to use them. ONE +  WEEK BEFORE Black Friday. UGH.

What am I going to do? Either way, we have a lot of great stuff on the way. I bought Liam a new Twin sheet set / comforter, some Maternity lounge pants from the Gap, sneakers for Liam, a bath for the baby and some makeup. I’m excited to have dwindled down my collection.

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