These pictures were taken a few weeks ago during the Hurricane Sandy / Nor’easter Athena combo punch. We lost power and my poor kids were FREEZING – especially at night. Bill snuck in and snapped a shot of Liam because he was all wrapped up. It’s sort of funny now – not so much during those cold nights.

Well, where has the time gone? I was looking through old Christmas photos and came across this one. What a face! He was teething and Liam used to love to bite my fingers to help alleviate the pain. I miss those days. NEVER thought I would say that. I love my children at their current age – but I suppose all moms say that, right? The stage they are in is the best stage so far. 🙂

Anyway, I suppose getting ready for this third child is making me sort of nostalgic. You blink and 5 years are gone. Time is our enemy.

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