This is one of my proudest moments as a couponing wife. I mean – can you imagine sending your husband to the grocery store with a list of couponing deals … and having him come home successfully completing it?

I’m in shock! But in a good way.

I asked him very gently – I said that he didn’t have to do anything at all unless he really wanted to. NO PRESSURE. Since I’m on bed rest, I think he threw me a bone. I gave him a small list to test out and he came back winning BIG.


We signed up for a new Stop and Shop card because I wanted to have a clean slate and walked away with a pretty big discount.

The price before savings was $15.36. TOTAL AFTER SAVINGS was $2.14. There’s no point in me really telling you the breakdown because the new circular started today – but I will moving forward post these with enough time for you to take advantage of the Stop and Shop bargains.


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