Unfortunately, in 2001 it was hard to get digital photographs from your wedding photographer. I remember that company wanting to charge me THOUSANDS of DOLLARS for them. How insane!

So, we filled our book and went on our way.

This morning, Bill and I took our wedding album out to show the kids. Today is 11 years folks. I still can’t believe it. Here’s a very quick recap:


My corset was SO TIGHT. And I mean to the point that I couldn’t breathe whenever I sat down. I remember sitting on my grandmother’s bed telling the photographer to hurry it up because I was going to pass out. This pose in particular – I WAS DYING.


Then at the church – we were on the alter and I was bawling (of course). I tried to take the tissue from Bill’s front tuxedo pocket and he wouldn’t give it to me because he didn’t want to mess it up. Instead, he used his fingers but I was HYSTERICAL so it wasn’t working. I started to CRACK UP. I’m not so sure the priest was amused. But I could not get rid of the giggles … and the snots. Finally, Bill’s mother came up to the alter with some tissue. I was like THANK GOODNESS!!!


Here’s the kiss that sealed the deal. 🙂


So young…. my goodness. I think I was 24.


Natalie saw this picture and said… YOU DROVE IN A LIMO??? She was so impressed. She actually snapped this one. 🙂 So cute.


We went to Astoria Park and took a bunch of photos under the bridge. It was FR-EE-Z-ING. We were all pretending it wasn’t but my goodness it was brisk.


I love this shot. 🙂


Our first dance. My handsome man…


And I’m only doing this one because no one believe me when I tell them how embarrassing my cake was. Talk about gaudy! Yes, there was a water fountain in the middle of my cake. Yes, there was bridges where my wedding party stood. I’m Italian… but this is out of control. If I got married again – obviously everything would be different. I was SO YOUNG and so different back then.

Either way, it is a day I will never forget. 🙂

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