My goodness! Natalie lost her first two teeth in January of 2012. It took a whopping 10 months for her to lose her third. We were waiting and waiting and WAITING. FINALLY last night it happened!

And then it fell down the drain.

While the children were washing up, Natalie began to wail. She ran into the room bleeding and hysterical crying. At first, I thought she just hurt herself somehow. But then she said that her tooth fell out and it fell in the drain. I told her that the tooth fairy was magical and she won’t have a problem getting it from the drain.

It sort of comforted her. Sort of…

But then Daddy came to the rescue. He freaking took the sink apart and FOUND IT. I was like… WOW!

Many moons ago, we bought this tooth fairy pillow. Natalie placed her tooth in the pocket and went to bed. She was SO HAPPY that Daddy saved her tooth. 🙂 And I was so happy that I married that man.


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