This weekend, the family put up our Christmas decorations. I tried to help as much as I could. The kids gave me all the ornaments and I handed them out three at a time. Bill did 95% of the work obviously. And BOY did he do a great job! Every room looks fantastic.



It’s always fun to look through our ornaments. My mother gave me all my Disney ornaments from when I was a child. I have several collections – some are dated like these. And when I pull those out, I always remember putting them up with my mom as a child. Very nostalgic. It’s nice to be able to pass one of my family traditions along to my children.


Now, as you know, I’m on bed rest. So, I could do NOTHING but lay on the couch and hand out the goods. This meant that Natalie and Liam had to bring me everything. I was in a …. PANIC. I kept telling them to walk slower. Talk about an anxiety attack.

This test has really shown me what a control freak I am. Maybe this was put in my path so I could learn to let it all go and put my faith in others. They didn’t break a single ornament. It all worked out. And it happened in a way that I wasn’t comfortable with – BUT IT STILL WORKED.


After the kids finished the tree, we changed them into their Christmas outfits and took our holiday card photos. I couldn’t go out and buy them something new – so we just used what we had. Again – it all worked out. They came out great. I can’t wait to get them!!!

When do you start doing holiday cards? When do you put your decorations up?


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