I know I haven’t updated much about my recent doctor visits. It’s because I’ve been pretty stable. I mean – it’s still not GOOD, but we aren’t decreasing which is a mega-bonus. I still go back to the doctor once a week but my appointments have been moved to Monday.

Also every two weeks, I started to take the FFN test which determines the probability of me going into labor. I passed my first test. My next one is on Monday. I’m going to start doing non-stress tests too but it will all happen during that once a week appointment. So, it’s not a big deal. As long as I can continue to do all of this at home with my kids, I can handle it.

I do not want to be hospitalized. I really don’t. Two months with Liam was enough for a lifetime.

On Friday, I will finish up my 26th week. I’m getting there!! 28 weeks is my first goal. Once I get there, I feel like I will be in a really safe place. With technology, I believe this baby will have a real chance at that gestational age. Dream of all dreams would be 34 weeks. My doctor told me that at 34 weeks the baby will stay in the NICU for a while, but developmentally it will grow up with no issues. So – that’s my TRUE GOAL. Anything beyond 34 weeks is a gift. 🙂


My mom came over on Sunday to coupon for me. I sent her to both King Kullen and Stop and Shop. And while she ended up saving about 50% off each receipt, she totally messed up the order. She swapped out the lists and bought things in different stores. I almost had a panic attack. I was like… MOM what about the sales?? What about the double $1 coupons at King Kullen?!

But I’m not mad. This is all very new to her. I won’t write about the score because it didn’t end up the way it was supposed to. She understands now for next week to not take that liberty to swap out items. I think fellow couponers understand how upside down I felt when she told me this. LOL! I had to just pretend like it didn’t happen. hahahahahah

Bill is going to go to CVS this week. I’m starting all over there since I don’t have any ECBs. Will keep you posted.

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