As previously mentioned, I am not going to talk about this pregnancy for a while – no personal updates because the roller coaster is too much for me to handle this week. I’m just going through the motions – so you have to forgive me on that.

Also – sorry for going dark yesterday and not posting. Again, not going to say why but I just couldn’t deal.

But there has been something on my mind that I just have to share.

One thing that has been such a saving grace during this test is the support I am feeling from my friends. A dozen or so of them got together and shared a joint Google Calendar to help out with dinner.


Every single night for the next few weeks, there is someone scheduled to feed my family. This raised such a burden off of my husband. I mean, I cried when they told me. What an absolute blessing to know these women and to be part of such a strong community. I will pay it back 100 times whenever they need something.

I will never ever forget this. Ever.

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