A few weeks ago, I had a dream that cousins in Canada were planning to make a move down to NYC. Now, mind you – I haven’t thought about these people in AGES and when I woke up I wondered HOW they made it into my REM state. During that same dream, Bill and I also decided to move and found a beautiful house with ceiling to floor windows (overlooking an active park). Turned out that my cousins thought they were getting that same house. My mother (in my dream) told me that she would tell them they had the wrong address.

Fast forward to last night.

In last night’s dream, Bill and I finally made the move to our new estate. We were unpacking and enjoying the view. Suddenly, the doorbell rang and I made some fun comment about us entertaining our first visitors. But Bill sprang up and started ranting about my cousins. No one ever told them that they didn’t live at this address.

Now, even in my DREAM it took me a few seconds to figure out what he was talking about. I forgot about that original dream completely. Even in my DREAM, I kept asking him what he was talking about – and then I remembered. The original dream. The original problem.

We opened the door and explained the situation. Of course, everything worked out perfectly in the end because – well, it’s my head… what I say goes. LOL. But I just thought that was the strangest thing. I connected two different moments before I could even register what was happening. And once I did remember, I thought it was CRAZY that my dream mind remembered before my “Actual” mind. Does this make sense?

Has this ever happened to you?

Any dream analyzers?  What does this puppy mean? (and please don’t just say I’m crazy)

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