Anyone who knows me on a professional level can attest to the fact that I can get a little… type A. Heck, anyone who knows me on personal level will probably say the same thing.

My poor husband… Think of him often and pray for him. LOL.

Well, last night I FINALLY did my Christmas cards. There’s a certain WAY I do them though and this year I had to just accept it isn’t going to happen. Here’s what I usually do:

  • Take photos / order cards day after Thanksgiving
  • Order return address labels prior to season
  • Get stamps (domestic and international) prior to season
  • Make last minute adjustments to last year’s label sheet (if someone had a baby replace Mr. and Mrs X with The X Family) etc.
  • Print address label spreadsheet
  • Have cards out by first week of December
  • Print second set of label spreadsheet on regular paper and cross off each card that comes in
  • Tape the cards all around my living room in the order I received them (YES I LIKE DOING THIS)
  • Make adjustments to any addresses that have changed throughout the year by stapling the return address labels to the second spreadsheet
  • End of season remove any addresses that did not send card / make adjustments to addresses that have changed
  • Save new file with new year end date

Yeah- this just isn’t going to happen.

I was pretty much in a panic last night trying to get Bill to promise to do all of the above. He didn’t even remotely entertain it. It made me laugh a bit because first I was so so so so upset and then I realized how very unimportant this all is in the grand scheme of things!

Anyway – hopefully it will all work out. And if it doesn’t – there is always next year. πŸ™‚

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