I’m FINALLY at a point in this pregnancy where I can read again. It’s been MONTHS since I’ve picked up a book because my brain just wouldn’t allow it. When I am overly stressed, I resort to the trashiest of time killers. I’m talking Maury Povich, Cheaters, Moonshiners… You name it. I was watching it.

I need nonsense to sort of cloud reality and those type of shows always help.

But on Friday, I made it to 27 full weeks and have had three or four consecutive days of no trouble. The combination of these two factors has somehow given my brain permission to pick up my Kindle again.

I read two books yesterday. The first one was good but way too short to suggest. The second I just put down a second ago and left me with a smile on my face.

Did I mention it was FREE? You can’t beat that! The Inconvenient Duchess is a historial romance book which is right up my alley. I’m going to search out more titles from this author to see what is available right now through Amazon.

Don’t wait because prices change often. 🙂

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