We are a Flintstones Vitamins house. My husband gives our children their daily dosage of Flintstones Vitamins after breakfast and Natalie and Liam LINE UP. They LOVE it! Score for us parents!! 🙂

You know I’m all about the gummies. 🙂

Flintstones Vitamins are available in 10 different chewable and gummy formulas. There is something for everyone!

That’s why I was so thrilled to participate in Flintstones Vitamins most recent initiative entitled “10 Million Stronger.” Did you know that millions of children under five years old worldwide suffer from vitamin A deficiency? This simple deficiency can cause child mortality and blindness BUT THANKFULLY it can be prevented.

10 Million Stronger, a charitable partnership between Bayer HealthCare, the makers of Flintstones Vitamins and Vitamin Angels, is helping to deliver essential vitamin A to more than 1 million children in need around the world in its inaugural year.  Flintstones Vitamins will donate $300,000 by the end of 2012. WOW! How amazing is that?! Want to get involved? All you have to do is visit www.facebook.com/FlintstonesVitamins to raise program awareness and donate 25 cents to protect one child from vitamin A deficiency for one year.

The goal is to reach 10 million children in need worldwide, and I think we can do it! While vitamin A deficiency is serious and potentially fatal, it can be prevented.  Two high-dose vitamin A capsules can provide one child with sufficient vitamin A for one year.  This alone can reduce under-five child mortality by about 24% in populations at risk of vitamin A deficiency.  Can you imagine how little it takes to make a real difference? It doesn’t seem impossible anymore, right?

I hope you take a few minutes from your day to help out with this wonderful cause!

*This is a sponsored post by Bayer HealthCare, the maker of Flintstones Vitamins. All opinions are my own.

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