We’ve been going back and forth since the day I found out I was pregnant. Last night, we both grabbed our computers and did a few baby name searches and finalized the middle name for this little guy.  The first name has been picked out for some time now – even though we are still fighting on the spelling. I want it to be the “regular” way… Bill wants to confuse me for the rest of my life.

We needed a one syllable middle name to go with the first name.  After hitting up a few baby name sites, we FOUND IT!

And I feel so good!!

Really happy about our selection. Going to wait to announce the name. I had a few other names as contenders and had friends tell me that they weren’t good picks due to their own personal experiences. I know they weren’t trying to be mean. But it was a total buzz kill. So, for our final name – we are keeping things quiet.

One more thing scratched off our check list.

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