I want my daughter to fall in love with writing. I’m sure she will – she is FILLED with my DNA after all. 🙂 When I was young, I would write short stories, poems, songs… you name it. And I already see that spark in her.

She’s 7 – so her spelling is a bit off. But every day, she crawls into bed with me and we write a story together. We take turns writing scenes. She titles the piece. I start it off. She continues it and also illustrates each page. I LOVE IT.

When I was in the 8th grade, I started a writing club. Yes, I was a geek. I had like 10 people in my crew and we used to do this – pass along a blank book and write a story together. It was SO FUN because you would always get a twist that you weren’t expecting. I used to love when it was my turn because all my friends would take my hand off and go in an entirely different direction of where I was hoping they would go. 🙂

Talk about cheap entertainment!  LOL

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