My daughter hates combing her hair… and I mean HATES COMBING HER HAIR. There are tears and screams and all types of crazy happening each and every time she puts a comb to her mane. Finally, yesterday I told Bill to take her to the salon. I just couldn’t take it anymore.


They took about 4 inches off and Bill sent me pictures throughout the entire process. This is the face in every shot. She just despises having anyone comb her hair. Even though she understood that the more we took off the easier it would be in the long run… it didn’t matter.

I actually wish they took off more. I was hoping her length would fall slightly under her shoulders. But this will do. I’m really hoping this helps our situation.

When Natalie came home and I showed her the pictures she almost started to cry again. She reiterated how much she hates it when people touch her hair. I kept thinking about what a PLEASURE it is to go to the salon. I LOVE getting my hair done. I’m sure as she ages things will change. 😉

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