I have a TON of frozen vegetables to use this week. Holy hey now! 🙂 But how could I resist? After coupons, they each cost about $.59! Add some detergent, crackers, oatmeal, salad dressing, hummus, shampoo, tomato sauce, desserts and frozen chicken and we are SET!

Somehow the final tally came out LESS than my spreadsheet estimation… but who is complaining!?


My mother came very early this morning (she woke us UP – but she brought bagels so that’s ok 🙂  ) and zipped right off to King Kullen to try to get through my list. Remember – King Kullen doubles FIVE $1 coupons. That’s why I shop there.

Did you see my coupon introduction video — here it is in case you want to get started.

Believe me, the hour it takes me to put this all together is worth it. 70% off your food bill each week is a substantial amount of money. Think about how much you will save each week.

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