We usually display our Christmas cards all around the living room. I run a string across the top of my fireplace for all the cards without pictures and then I like to tape the photo cards all along my TV cabinet.

This year, Natalie took over the responsibility.

This is what we are looking like these days. LOL. She can’t quite reach the top of the furniture piece. So, there are cards everywhere. As high as she can reach. Some are sideways. Some are hanging on by a string. Yesterday was the first time I saw it. I actually spent some time on the couch. The change of scenery was MUCH NEEDED.

Being able to watch my little girl put the latest cards up last night was such a treat. I felt part of the Christmas decorating spirit. I kept thinking – this time next year – everything will be so different. But until then, I will embrace every moment I get with my little guys.

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