I am SO HAPPY!! Last night, my aunt came over and really broke gestational diabetes DOWN. She even brought her fake food to show me portion control visuals. I loved it… but Natalie loved it more! LOL


I feel so MUCH BETTER today. It’s been 8 years since I had to change my diet habits. There was NO WAY I retained any of that information. Now, I know what I have to do and it is manageable with a little bit of planning. 1/2 cup seems to be the measurement for carbs and I’m allowed 2 servings for each of my main meals. Doable!

Luckily, I can have a little more fat and protein to help fill me up since this isn’t a typical diet. It’s just a method to keep my sugar in check. So, I know that I can snack on cheese and turkey if need be without feeling guilty.

My aunt said I am at a good weight and I can take advantage of a little extra here and there. This definitely  eased my stress a bit.


Natalie even got into the portion sizes. She was noting that her drinks were much larger than what’s recommended. I mean who pours only 4 ounces of juice in the morning???

Anyway – I feel GOOD today. Looking forward to lunch. 🙂

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