I’m still using and loving the new Bluebird by American Express card. It’s a really great tool for money management, especially with the very easy-to-use online dashboard. While I love the desktop site to pieces, the iPhone and Android app is really, really great. It just makes everything that much easier. If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, this app will truly make everyday money management and banking activities so much more convenient and streamlined.  Just look at all you can do with this slick little goodie:

  1. Check your balance
  2. Review transactions
  3. Check on subaccounts
  4. Find an ATM
  5. Pay your bills
  6. Send money
  7. Request money
  8. Deposit money

The best feature for me of all of this is the awesome ability to deposit checks. It’s always kind of a drag to have to trek to the bank, especially when it’s to deposit a $25 check you received from someone. With this app, depositing is effortless!!  All you do is enter the check amount, then the app brings you to a camera and prompts you to just take a picture of the front and back of the check…and the money should clear in days. That’s it.  Can you believe that?  And this on a card with practically no fees to anything?

You can also send money to or request money from other Bluebird cardholders, simply by entering their email or mobile phone number, the amount, an optional message, and your Bluebird PIN.  That’s truly amazing.  We were recently out to dinner, getting ready to split the bill.  Well, there’s a “Split the Bill” calculator right in the app!  Once we decided who was paying what…I was able to simply send my share to the person that was physically using their card to pay!  It was so easy…and you just kind of feel really cool doing something like that…;0)

It’s really amazing how great the convenience and technological offerings are for this Bluebird by American Express card. It’s really on the cutting edge of banking today. This makes doing these important things, that sometimes can be a pain, just that much easier. I think we all could agree that’s not such a bad thing!

The app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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