Yesterday, Bill had to take Liam’s full size bed apart because we had to get the room ready for his new one. We needed to convert the full size bed to a crib in order to make enough room for both beds to be in the same space. AND BOY IS IT TIGHT!!!! I’m actually afraid it isn’t going to work. Well, we will know in a few hours…. the bed is due this evening.

So, because my boy didn’t have anywhere to sleep, Natalie and Liam decided to whip out the sleeping bags and make it a slumber party.


They put as many dolls as they could on the floor and got comfortable. I kept telling them to get in Natalie’s bed! Who wants to sleep on the floor??

The best part of the night – when Natalie and Liam fell asleep holding hands. Bill went to check on them and he found them like this. How absolutely adorable.

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