I used to make New Year’s resolutions every year when I was younger. And every year, I would fail miserably. So… I decided to just stop. No more promises are made on December 31st in the Sweeney house. Hubby feels the same way.

If I want to start losing weight and it’s October… why should I wait until January 1st to begin? This seems to be the way most people go. They say, “I’m going to start my diet in the New Year.” A lot of damage can happen between October and January. LOL! And a lot of your motivation can diminish if you wait that long.

So, when I want to start something or stop something… I just do it. I don’t wait for a particular date.

But that’s JUST ME.

Many people find success in making the New Year’s resolution. Just curious — which type of person are you???



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