As you know, I’m a historical romance fanatic when it comes to novels. I REALLY enjoy reading those period pieces. In fact, I have an entire Kindle filled with over 100 titles just waiting for me to dive right into.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had friends tell me to watch Downton Abby. For about a year, I thought the show starred Rachel Bilson and took place in the South. Yeah… I was WAY OFF. Finally, someone corrected me and just didn’t take my staple, “that show isn’t for me” answer. They pointed out the show was exactly for me and told me about the setting / characters  etc.

Holy excitement!

As I mentioned earlier, Bill and I signed up for Hulu Plus last night and we got right into it. We are three shows in and I am enjoying the series so far… but am not completely blown away as of YET. I can see the storyline building and I always give a series a chance. I’m excited to see where the love story goes.

Curious to hear if you are a fan of Downton Abby? I am on season 1 — so I know there are at least 3 out there, right??? Excited to get through them all.

Besides… I have the time. LOL

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