Last night, my husband brought me in dinner and then left the room for a few seconds. He came back in and asked me if there was anything else I needed. I looked up at him from my plate, paused for a second because I was actually thinking about my answer and then told him no.

He went on a tirade (maybe I’m exaggerating a bit) telling me he “knows all about that look”.

Um… what look?

“The look you just gave me. I know that look. That means I forgot something and you are just testing me right now to see if I can figure out on my own what I did wrong”.


“Don’t tell me you aren’t mad at me right now. What did I forget? Just tell me. Let’s not waste time”.

…am I being filmed?!

I kept telling him. ARE YOU CRAZY? I said I don’t need anything – what about that makes you want to read into that statement????

Over and over again he kept INSISTING I was hiding something / angry about something. And honestly… I really wasn’t. He asked me if I needed anything and I didn’t. So, I said no.

That boy is stressed. He is trigger happy for sure. He wasn’t yelling at me – he just didn’t believe that I was being honest with what I was saying. Makes me a little sad.

Only a few weeks left — we can both get there. But this is a real test for my man I suppose. It’s literally driving him crazy.

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