I watched it folks. Sweepstakers. I didn’t delete it either. I saved it so I can show my husband what’s going on in this crazy country. Just when I thought extreme couponing was enough to make me crazy… this other reality show comes on television and I’m hooked.

I’m such a SUCKER! With all this extra time on my hands, I’m desperate to DO and TRY anything. The Sweepstakers spend 5-8 hours a day entering contests. I obviously can’t handle that… but I can give it an hour or two. That’s for sure. I mean… what else am I going to do. LOL.

In case you didn’t watch Sweepstakers, the reality show follows several women who spend the majority of their time entering contests. What have they won? Well, just about everything! Cash. Trips. Cars. Computers. Cameras. ETC. You name it and they won it by entering a contest.

Setback number 1 — you have to pay taxes on EVERYTHING you win. So, I won’t be entering anything that has a prize I really don’t want. What if I actually win it? Then I have to pay taxes for something I’m going to give away anyway? No thank you!

Setback number 2 — it seems that there are a lot of SNAIL MAIL contests to enter. I can’t get into that. So, I really won’t be able to fully get into this.

Setback number 3 — multiple day entries. Not for me. These women keep track of contests and enter them once a day to maximize their probability of winning. I know I won’t remember to do it once a day… so that stinks.

I have no idea where to start. Going to do a little research today to see if there are websites out there that have lists of the latest sweepstakes and try to do it that way. I have three weeks before I get off of bedrest — going to give it a shot! I started a new email account and Facebook account to use specifically for this purpose. I dont want to clog up my inbox.

Will let you know if anything comes out of this test. LOL

Did you see Sweepstakers? What did you think? If you DO enter sweepstakes, friend me on that account so we can share entries on our walls and enter as many as possible. 🙂

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