Yesterday afternoon, I started to feel a little funky and by bedtime I was out for the count. MAJOR sore throat. Totally dizzy. Utterly exhausted. No fever though which I am thankful for.

Funny thing is… my kids are not sick and neither is Bill. Friends on Facebook say that my children can be hosts to illnesses while not presenting any symptoms. I’ve never thought of that before? Guess it makes sense.

I had a big “woes is me” moment last night when the throat was on fire. I’m feeling so much pressure (you know where) lately – so every movement is quite painful. And my legs… OH MY LEGS. I have to rotate around 1000 times a day just to make the pain go away. Now the throat and the dizziness.

But it was short lived. I know this is a blessing. I’m still only human though. It was a weak moment and Bill let me cry a bit so I could release it all.  Then we joked about how many trips I’m going to win in 2013 and put on a season 2 Downton Abbey marathon. 😉

PS – A little over 2 weeks to go before I am officially off of bed rest. Can you imagine? I started on modified bed rest around 16 weeks. So, this is truly amazing!! Almost there.

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