I’m 31+ weeks at this point. Everything is going great. My son is growing day by day and I am so thankful for it. Lately – this child has been going CRAZY inside of me. I mean to the point that he will flip and flop for an hour at a time. Bill and I just watch in awe.

Well, late yesterday afternoon I had a little caffeine and that drink kept this kid up ALLLLLL NIGHT. I mean ALL NIGHT. I was lying there thinking to myself… this little one is going to be a test.

When Liam was growing inside of me, he was active. But this boy moves around 10x more than any of my other kids. Bill thinks we are going to have our hands full with a trouble maker. LOL – I can’t wait. 🙂

When you were pregnant, did you have a super active baby? I literally cannot get over how much he moves throughout the day. Even the nurses and doctors always tell me that he moves a lot (even by their standards). The nurse will be getting shots of something and then he will flip and turn and she will have to start all over again.



I’m going to try to get it on FILM!!!

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