I mean… what is the message here? What happened to the good ol’ notion of eating right and exercising? WHY are scientists spending their precious time and energy creating a stomach-pumping machine to help decrease caloric intake by the human body instead of focusing on other important matters like CANCER and AIDS?

LONG story SHORT, the AspireAssist device lets you eat whatever you want and then once you are done gorging yourself … you can SUCK THE FOOD OUT OF YOUR STOMACH.


How is this different from bulimia?

Patients wait 20 minutes after eating, then empty 30 percent of their stomach contents into the toilet through a tube — a small, handheld device connects to a skin-port discretely embedded on the outside of the abdomen.

You couldn’t pay me to do this. Who wants a freaking tube sticking out of their stomach for the rest of their life?? Oh my goodness — I find this so INSANE.

Watch this vide to learn more about the AspireAssist device. What do you think?

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