Yesterday I spent a few hours at the doctor’s office. Before I get into the details – I do want to say that EVERYTHING IS JUST FINE.

This little monkey that I’m carrying is super active. He moves for HOURS at a time, wakes me up in the middle of the night and kicks the “you know what” out of me daily. And believe me – I’m good with that. There’s nothing more reassuring than to feel your baby awake and active inside of you. Especially since I KNOW this is my last baby. I’m getting my tubes tied – so there’s no turning back.

On Wednesday, Mr. C just stopped moving. All day. He even let me sleep through the night. When I woke up at 7AM, I sort of freaked out because it’s been MONTHS and MONTHS and MONTHS since I was able to do that. We contemplated going to the hospital on and off all day Wednesday but decided against it since I had a Thursday appointment.

When we got there, the first thing my doctor said was, “You should have went straight to the hospital yesterday! Decreased fetal movement is a big deal!”

I don’t know. I didn’t know.

So, then I started to freak. We found the heartbeat right away which was wonderful and completely reassuring. She also did an internal on me and found that the head was REALLY LOW. Like… REALLY LOW. But that’s normal. My doc said “third pregnancy, third trimester” – it is what it is. I get that.

But the movement was a concern still – so I headed to the other office to get on the TOCU monitor. For the first 10 minutes, Mr. C’s line was flat. No movement. At one point, all three nurses were standing around me. His heart sounded just fine… but he wasn’t moving at all. The head nurse was told to go on her lunch break but she said she wanted to wait to see what happened with me. Needless to say, I was holding my breath.

But then he started to move – thank GOD. Not as STRONG as I am used to… but he did begin to move. And everyone let out a big “WA HOOOOOOO”. They kept me on for about about 15 minutes or so and then sent me to get a sonogram to check my fluid. Fluid was also fine.

By dinner, Mr. C started back with his normal routine. And he didn’t stop for hours. I was so HAPPY!  This morning, it’s the same. He is back to normal.

Lesson learned – if he stops moving again  I am going to jump and get checked. I don’t know why I waited for my doc appointment… but at least the outcome was what we hoped for.

I go back next week for a growth check. I’m guessing he will hit 5 pounds for sure! Though oddly enough I didn’t gain any weight this week. Not sure why??? I had enough bacon to last a lifetime.

Hopefully, I will make up for it next week. LOL


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