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I can’t help it. I am just SO EXCITED this week. On Friday, I will be placed off of bed rest permanently. And since this is my last child, I will never ever EVER have to do this again.

Oh my word….. the excitement is just bubbling up inside of me. After all my baby making is done, I will have logged about 55 weeks of bedrest. That’s over a YEAR PEOPLE!!!!

True confession: I cheated a bit yesterday. I made dinner. But it was all things that just needed to be heated up. Boiled pasta. Microwaved 3 boxes of frozen veggies and combined it all. It wasn’t horrific. I sat in the kitchen while I was waiting for the water to boil.

I know I should just wait… but I am trying to slowly acclimate my body to FUNCTION once again. I figured standing up for a few minutes and then sitting down for the rest wasn’t a big deal. Though when Bill came home and found dinner ready… he was not amused.

In other news, I found this picture hung up in the kitchen. Liam said he made it for me because he loved me so much. Now, if that doesn’t make a girl’s day… I don’t know what will.

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Bill works so hard during the week – dealing with the kids and their schedules, working on all of our websites, maintaining the house – that when the weekends come he is DONE. This picture pretty much sums up our entire day!!!!

No one changed out of their PJs. Everyone just hung out in our bed. And we vegged until we couldn’t veg anymore. We have to embrace these moments because in a few weeks NO ONE will be sleeping. LOL!



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