I’m crying. I am bawling – practically unable to speak. My husband got emotional too. This was so kind – so incredibly kind and thoughtful and beautiful.

I don’t have a really important job by societies standards, right? I’m not a doctor or a police woman. I don’t save lives.  There are days where I feel like I’m not really doing my part in this world. I eventually talk myself down and pretend that my honesty about my life and parenting might help someone out there every once in a while.

I just got this letter from a reader. She sent it to my PO box along with a care package of religious items to let me know that my struggles with this pregnancy is helping her get through a family issue she is dealing with. She also wanted to let me know that she is praying for my family as we round out this current test. This is not something that happens often. But let me tell you – I will NEVER forget this letter or this woman. I am BAWLING. It literally took me a good 10 minutes to read the letter because I was dry heaving from the emotion.

As someone who puts it all out there, I cannot thank Deborah enough for sending me this care package. I will use everything that you provided and I will never forget the kind gesture that you have done for me. It was a true gift. You don’t realize how impactful a small act of kindness can be.

I will most certainly pay it forward.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to continue dry heaving in a corner until all the emotions are leveled out.

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