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Truth be told – I only purchase the restaurant related items, but we’ve been hitting the mother-load with Groupon lately.  A lot of people aren’t really talking much about these deal sites anymore. I just wanted to post a little reminder. I signed up for my local Groupon email and once a day I just see what’s doing. No pressure.


As of late, some of my favorite restaurants have been involved.  We went to this pizzeria / restaurant that we frequent OFTEN and ended up scoring 50% off the bill. It included drinks! So very excited!

Anyway – I know there are a million different flash sale sites, but I can’t handle getting a billion emails. You can also download the Groupon App. That way you can check out the deals while on the go.

Give Groupon another shot! And only buy what you absolutely want. Don’t get suckered into things that you “might” use. That’s how they get you. 🙂

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