I’m going to try to put as many details as possible but I am just so tired. We got home around 4AM this morning and I just want to go back to sleep.

Long story short(er):

  • Saturday I had a few people over and had an episode of vertigo. I thought it was because I was talking too much. I had shortness of breath, dizziness, and my heart was racing. The entire room went to the right. I have benign positional vertigo as it is and always get a few episodes when I’m pregnant. Friends took me to bed to lay down for a while and it went away. I thought that would be the end of it. 
  • Sunday I went to church with the kids. While singing one of the songs it happened AGAIN. I sat down immediately but didn’t sing the rest of the time. I thought – once again – I got winded from speaking too much. Figured perhaps I was having a hard time breathing with the baby being so big, my sinuses being stuffed, and me being so out of shape.
  • BUT on MONDAY I was laying on the couch watching television doing nothing… saying nothing. And it happened again! Heart began to race, shortness of breath, dizziness.

Back history – I had some heart issues while I was carrying Natalie. I had to take home a heart monitor and wear it for 2 days straight but they found nothing. So – there is something wrong but they just can’t get a record of it. This did not happen with Liam.

Three days in a row – I figured I’d call the doctor to ask them what they thought. My heart felt like I was running a marathon and I LITERALLY was laying down. Doc IMMEDIATELY said to go to the hospital. So, we packed the kids up in the car, called my in-laws and went to Labor and Delivery.

One problem… L&D did not want to see me. They said I needed to be cleared by the ER before they could monitor the baby. THE FREAKING ER! You know once you go in there it’s all over. They did every test under the sun. The doctor even ordered someone to sonogram my LEGS for blood clots. They checked every vein in my two legs. I was beyond exhausted. BEYOND.

Finally they cleared me. My blood pressure went as low as 70/48 and that was a big concern but after drinking some juice it went back up. My heart did not present any issues on the EKG but the doctor said the heart is like a car. It acts funny on the road but as soon as you bring it to the mechanic it sorts itself out.

I knew nothing would show because the dizziness/heart racing happens only once or twice a day. The odds of it happening RIGHT AFTER it JUST happened was slim.

I came home, used a baby wipe to clean my whole body head to toe because I was too exhausted to shower and plopped into bed. Even now, I’m beyond exhausted. Taking a few hours off.

I’m ok. Baby is ok. I might have to start seeing a cardiologist until the end of the pregnancy. Will find out on Thursday.


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