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On Friday, I will be 36 weeks. I am beyond thrilled – excited – ready! I’m sure you all are too. My endless stories about this pregnancy must have been monotonous and I apologize about that. But we are almost there folks! I mean – literally almost there.

Today I’m going to pack my hospital bag. I had Natalie at 37 weeks and I need the hospital bag checked off my list. We are also washing all the sheets, clothes, bibs etc. right now. Want everything in order – one less thing to worry about.

This cinda b bag has been my hospital bag for all of my babies. It’s just the right size. I also use it when my kids do sleepovers at their grandparents’ houses.

So, I’m expecting a VBAC but have a feeling that I’m going to have a c-section. Either way, I’m going to pack for 4 days. Still in complete shock. Like… for real. In shock. Baby coming. What? Now? Really? I made it? What a blessing.


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