I love getting my mail. No, seriously. I’m one of those people who run out around 4PM to see what the household received. I don’t know what I’m expecting… it’s typically just BILLS. LOL – but I do enjoy it all the same.

Well, the USPS has announced an adjustment to their schedule. I guess too many people are using the Internet and smart phones and online banking these days to make it worth their while to continue to deliver mail for 6 days in a row.

You will no longer receive mail on Saturdays!

As of right now, post offices will remain open but that might change too. I guess this isn’t very shocking. We are living in a digital age.

It is estimated that the US Post Office will save $3 Billion during the first year of 5-day service. Wow!

What do you think? Are you concerned? Upset? Or is this all expected?

More info here.

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