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Me nervous? NEVER!

I woke up this morning and put the TV on to see the latest weather predictions. Depending on who you ask, this storm will either produce 6 inches or it will produce 25! I mean that is quite a ridiculous range! As of right now… most LOCAL news stations are saying between 12-18 inches. That’s pretty decent…

Kids went to school which I guess was expected. I’m just wondering if they are going to call a half day or not? How would that work?! What if their parents work in the city? It can get very messy for sure.

MEANWHILE – all I keep thinking about is going into labor tonight. The roads won’t be clear. The in-laws won’t be able to make it in to watch the kids. And I’ll be stuck filling up a bathtub for a water birth that I GUESS my husband will manage.


Sinking feeling – tonight is the night. CAN YOU IMAGINE!? LOLOLOLOL Please – I’ve been wanting to go early – be careful what you wish for right????

I’m literally like a dog sitting near the window… watching the snowfall and pretending I can estimate what it all means by the end of day.

Long Island is being told to expect more power outages. You know how much we love those!! It’s been about two months – we are overdue. We went to the supermarket yesterday and stocked up on a few things just in case. Bill is going to make one more really quick run in a few minutes and then we are just going to bunker down.

Here we go….


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