Colgate Total and Kelly Ripa

Colgate Total® and television personality, Kelly Ripa, have partnered to launch the brand’s new campaign “You Can Do It”, to encourage consumers to take control of their health and well-being, including proper oral hygiene.  This Colgate Total® initiative is designed to empower consumers to prioritize their health by making small, achievable goals that can help improve their overall health.  As part of this campaign, Kelly Ripa is asking consumers to follow her lead by committing to healthy living and discovering the importance of a healthy mouth.

“I’m always setting new goals for myself from exercising more to eating more fruits and vegetables.  People say it’s hard to follow a healthy routine, but with Colgate Total®, you can do it,” said Kelly Ripa.   “A healthy mouth is vital to maintaining a healthy body, so I’m resolving to make oral hygiene a stronger part of my overall health routine.  It’s a small, easy change that will have a great impact. I want to motivate others by showing them that they can do it too.”

Kelly Ripa’s involvement in the campaign is inclusive of television creative, digital, social and PR activations with a new TV commercial (, which airs today.  The new spot showcases Kelly Ripa making small changes in her routine and lifestyle to help improve her health while also communicating how Colgate Total® toothpaste plays an integral part in achieving a healthy mouth.  By fighting germs, strengthening enamel and improving gum health,Colgate Total® allows consumers to take charge of their oral health every day.

“Most people do not consider their oral health when thinking about overall health, but a healthy mouth is extremely important,” said Philip Durocher, Vice President & General Manager, U.S. Oral Care Marketing,Colgate-Palmolive.  “It’s important to use a toothpaste that does more than just maintain the health of your teeth.Colgate Total® toothpaste delivers an advanced formula that actually helps improve mouth health simply by brushing.  It helps fight dental plaque germs for 12 hours, starts to fortify enamel in 24 hours, and helps improve gum health with continued use in just four weeks.”

As part of the overall campaign, Colgate Total® will be rolling out various elements on its website and the ColgateFacebook page ( Elements include simple tips from health coach Dr. Roshini Raj, incentives for consumers to commit to improving their oral health and to share what inspires them to get healthy.  For more information on the new “You Can Do It” campaign, please visit or visit to view the new TV commercial.

Colgate Total® Advanced Fresh + Whitening Toothpaste
Fight germs, whiten teeth and keep breath fresh with Colgate Total portfolio, Colgate Total® Advanced Fresh + Whitening. Clinically proven to reduce 90% more plaque germs, Colgate Total® Advanced Fresh + Whitening is a simple way to help prevent oral health problems such as bad breath, cavities, plaque, gingivitis and tartar build up. The product also is formulated with an added flavor boost to help keep breath mouthwash fresh for up to 12 hours and an advanced whitening system to help remove surface stains. Colgate Total® Advanced Fresh + Whitening is available in a gel format.

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