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I made myself a promise that I wouldn’t start thinking about my weight until a full month after delivering Caleb. My body needs to HEAL. There’s no way around the fact that I am still not right.

However, now that I’m no longer pregnant things have changed. I’m not constantly STARVING. My body and mind have sort of readjusted back to my reality. And I’m actually moving around a bit which I know helps!! 4+ months on bed rest does NOT help with weight gain. There’s a whole lot of input with very little energy output. You can’t help but gain weight.

During this third pregnancy, I was careful! I KNOW how hard it is to shed the pounds. I gained 45 pounds with BOTH Natalie and Liam. It was my lucky number. LOL

This time, I think I gained about 29 pounds which is much more reasonable.

I weighed myself this morning (before eating or drinking anything so I can acknowledge that the number is a little light) and I lost 15 pounds so far. MIND YOU – my son was 8 pounds. LOL – but it’s good to know a lot of the water weight is coming off.

You had to see my legs POST pregnancy. I couldn’t fit my UGG boots on them. They were swollen to no END. But they’ve gone back to normal too.

So end result — I have 14 more pounds to go. Unfortunately, the last 10 pounds are the HARDEST. I’m no FOOL!  But it feels good to be where I am right now.

Again – I’m not doing anything. I’m not dieting or making a real attempt. I’m just getting back to my normal routine and actually MOVING around the house a bit.  I don’t feel a HUGE URGE to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. My body needs to heal first. That’s my top priority. One day at a time.


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